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Cinderhill Farm is located on the edge of the picturesque village of St.Briavels. Sited on a steep slope just down from St.Briavels Castle, the plot contains land for livestock and associated outbuildings; the owners pastry business and existing farmhouse bungalow that is the subject of the proposals shown here.

With the ever expanding pastry business gaining momentum, the brief was to add a new kitchen space to the existing house. This doubles up as a client/cookery events space, linking business premises with a public courtyard at one end, and a private dining/seating area, framing views to the valley beyond, at the other. The extension is stitched into the existing house to provide extra bedrooms at first floor and a generous, naturally day-lit double height mezzanine transition space over the kitchen. 

The topography of the site generated the proposed form, which functions as a light scoop angled up the steep slope towards surrounding farmland. The new roof is seen to slide through the existing roof of the house and is revealed by three new box dormers on the public, road facing elevation hinting at the modern scheme disguised behind. 

A large roof canopy provides shelter on the private side of the house and is supported by an external hearth and fireplace for those colder evenings dining outdoors.

Location: St. Briavels

Status:     Feasibility

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