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The project involves a rear two storey-into-single storey extension on the rear of an existing house; providing a large kitchen, dining area and office space at ground floor, with an extra bedroom at first floor.


To limit the impact of the proposal on neighbouring properties, the volume has a lower profile against the party boundary, which extends higher the further away this gets towards the access road. Thus, the volume provides a sound barrier from the road to the kitchen.


The roofline of the extension is appropriately pitched on the visible elevation to marry with the context of existing rural houses, whilst the single storey element responds to the more intimate, domestic feel of the kitchen garden, wrapping the existing house as it turns the corner onto the site.


The proposal is clad in lightly charred cedar, a finish which naturally protects the timber from insect infestation, fire and weathering. The contrast with the existing house, visually reduces the mass of the proposal allowing the reading of the existing house to be maintained. The timber creates a continuity of the garden and surrounding landscape. The roof features a silver-grey standing seam profiled metal roof, providing a contrast with the existing whilst responding to the agricultural part of the site to the rear of the house. White window and door frames match the existing house whilst contrasting with the cladding.


Location:   Brockweir, Wye Valley

Status:       Tender

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