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We offer a full design service from the inside to the outside, working from landscape to lifestyle.

HILLS + CO. offer a full turn key design service which guides you through the whole process of developing your property from initial concept to final completion; be it a new extension, a full renovation of your property or a complete new build project. 

As a RIBA Chartered Practice we work in accordance with the industry work stages, working closely with you to realise a beautiful spaces and distinctive buildings which are  creative, imaginative and sensitive within its natural landscape.


From the beginning of the design journey we approach each project with a fully integrated architectural + interiors process. We can offer you reassurance by providing fully considered and detailed solutions which meet building regulations and planning conditions. Through creative client collaboration we are able to realise the vision of your property using a variety of communication tools including; sketches, palette boards, CAD plans  and elevations, 3D visualisations and technical drawings. We take full responsibility for engaging all parties involved within the process having established credible working relationships with clients, planning departments, structural engineers, tradesmen, ecologists and our staff. Joined up thinking  allows us to work with you to fully realise your property investment both financially & emotionally.

We believe in offering the highest quality of service for your investment, so if you are looking to develop, renew or realise a property with integrity and timeless appeal we are the design service for you! Our client base is predominantly based in the South West of England and Wales; in Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Forest of Dean, The Cotswolds and Herefordshire, but we do engage with projects further UK wide. 



At the beginning of all projects we always start with understanding your aspirations, what you want to achieve, your day to day and lifestyle priorities to create a brief crafted from your values and preferences. A feasibility study of your project will be used to assess the site and property potential, against any planning restrictions and ecological considerations with your budget in mind. Potential consultant involvement will be identified at this stage in addition to confirming your sustainable ambitions for the project. A series of 2D and 3D concepts sketches and strategic diagrams will be used to communicate the initial response to the design brief; including form, massing, layout, materials and philosophy. Following client feedback we then can submit a Pre Application to the local planning department.



Following Pre Application feedback we can finalise the design at this stage and consolidate the information required to complete the Planning Application. Further to planning, a full Design Pack of Technical Drawings are produced which will include consultants input, structural elements, services, thermal/insulation details, building regulations, bespoke joinery and interior fixtures and fittings. This Design Pack is used as the Tender Document. We will advise you on the appropriate tender contract for your project and further to that we will meet with each contractor on site to explain the expectations and roles of all parties. The tender document will be used for pricing which we will advise you on post submission of costs.





On selection of the contractor HILLS + CO will schedule a series of on-site visits to over see the delivery of the building, the construction schedule of works, and quality of workmanship. We will answer any contractor queries and act as mediator for any concerns you may have from the client perspective. Our presence aims to reduce the day to day worries you could occur from the pressures of a building project.





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Beginning a new building project, be it large or small, can be very daunting and leave you feeling like you can't see the wood for the trees! So in answer to our most frequently asked questions. 


Architect fees depend on the size, type, and quality of the project that a client requires, yet as with most services, the fee generally reflects the level of service provided and the quality of the completed building. We take pride in our professionalism and our client relationships. As a design studio that combines architecture and interiors, we are excited about the value we can offer. Our fee structure reflects this ethos. Typically Architects can potentially calculate their fees in three ways; as a percentage of the construction cost, a lump sum, or as a time charge. Most of our fees are based on a percentage of the construction cost as this is suitable for projects which are not clearly defined and typically with some unknowns (such as AONBs, conservation areas, ecology,  listings, renewable heating and variable scope of works). In this case an initial construction budget is assumed, with fees based on a percentage. If the construction budget is revised during the project, due to significant changes in the brief and subsequent scope of works, the fees may be adjusted. A lump sum fee is only suitable when the project scope of works is very clearly defined. Given the nature of working within protected rural locations and natural landscapes this is rarely the case for our type of practice work. Time charges are suitable for smaller projects or conducting feasibility studies for Pre-application purposes to 'test the water' with the planning department.    

Learn more at the RIBA (Royal Institute of Architects) :

Stage 0     Measured Survey + Topographical Survey

This is usually completed by a local surveyor (OR OS contour map) - A quote for the measured survey would be confirmed, with the range starting from approximately £500 - £2000. Whilst an OS Map with contours (compared with a topographical survey of the site)  may be as little as £50, but not an accurate.

Further Stages can typically be broken down into an approximate percentage breakdown of architectural costs, relative to the size and complexity of your project. We set out all costs from the beginning of the project for complete transparency, allow for budget control and client reassurance.   

Stage 1     Preparation + Brief

Stage 2     Concept Design

Stage 3     Developed Design

                  + Planning Information


Stage 4     Technical Design 


Stage 5     Construction

Stage 6     Handover + Close out 








Every individual project needs to be assessed regarding its feasibility specific to its site context and heritage especially within the rural environment. We have extensive experience of working in Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas, National Parks and with Listed buildings. The planning process requires a pragmatic, creative and sympathetic approach whilst building good professional relationships with local planning departments. We have great experience and a 100% planning success rate with the following Planning Departments: 

Forest of Dean District Council :

Monmouthshire County Council :

Herefordshire Council :

Stroud District Council:


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