An extensive refurbishment of a collection of stone outbuildings in the Wye Valley, to create annexe accommodation on an Old Bakery site.


The stepped site sits between two access roads into the village, and across three different levels. Thus, the proposal seeks to take advantage of the unique topography and access points, to develop a compact and interesting set of spaces.


The double height kitchen with top lit windows, directed from the road above, rubs up against a bedroom with garden access at first floor level. A second bedroom, suspended between kitchen access and living area below, takes advantage of the two storey void within.


The interior design strategy is driven by the existing patina on the site, including, weathered timber and stone, and flaking painted surfaces from a previous time. Each space is thus given its own subtle identity, in an attempt to retain the character of the existing structures.


Location:   Lower Lydbrook, Gloucestershire

Status:       Planning


HC 1035.PL.239-Finishes Strategy (Interi
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