Red Lodge is an existing stone-built house in the village of Brockweir in the Lower Wye Valley. The works to Red Lodge involved the opening up of the kitchen/dining space with new utility at ground floor; and a loft conversion which added two new rooms and en-suite on the upper level.


The kitchen proposal involved removing the stone hearth that separated the existing kitchen and dining rooms, to generate a large connected family space. The existing chimney stack is used for a new wood-burner that sits between the two rooms. The kitchen roof was replaced, and structure exposed with the addition of new roof-lights. The material palette included both dark and warmer tones utilising reclaimed timber, off-black painted bespoke kitchen and upcycled furniture with accents of colour.


Given the poor state of the existing roof and its construction, it was entirely replaced. Slates were carefully removed to be reused. Two new pitched dormers were added to the front aspect of the house whilst a large modern box dormer was added to the back, opening fully onto the woods behind. The large grey frames and dark rubber roof allow the box dormer to dematerialize on the back of the house. The old brick chimney was rebuilt and replaced like for like, with new painted timber fascia’s throughout to match the existing.


Location:   Brockweir, Wye Valley

Status:      Completed

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