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Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring entrance.jpg
HILLS+Co. - Severn Valley Touring plan diagram.png
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A new build, low energy, mixed typology home for a growing rural family business in Awre, Gloucestershire. 


Severn Valley Touring is an existing rural touring campsite business that 

includes a 3 bed home for the family to reside in for management purposes, and a reception/cafe/shop which supports the tourism business, and which can be used by the village 



The building form has been chosen as a play on the traditional agricultural barn and the angles of the building work to reduce the mass of the dwelling when viewed from many directions particularly from the approach. The form of the building gradually rises from one storey to two, creating the effect that the building is emerging out of the proposed landscape to the north of the site. From the public realm the building is intended to be non obtrusive and blends in with other agricultural forms and structures in 

the immediate context.

The proposal has been designed and developed as a low energy building to Passivhaus standards, which is to be seen as an exemplary piece of environmantal rural design and business enterprise. Furthermore, due to the visiting tourist public element of this project, it is intended that the lessons of low energy construction will be disseminated far and wide via those visiting customers.



Awre, Gloucestershire

Site Constraints/Other:

Brownfield site, no settlement boundary


RIBA Stage 2 Pre Planning

HILLS+Co. - Severn Valley Touring materiality.png
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring site plan.png
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring Axo FF.jpg
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring Axo GF.jpg
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring Axo roof.jpg
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring south elevation.png
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring context lane.jpg
Hills+Co. - Severn Valley Touring environmental section.png


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